Voter ID laws are probably here to stay. What can be done about it?

JULY 29 – Despite the fact that they’re expensive and useless, voter ID laws aren’t going anywhere, unless the Senate abolishes the filibuster and passes the For the People Act, or the Supreme Court decides to prioritize voter accessibility instead of lies about fraud.

Even without that divine intervention, there are still options for politicians, activists, and the 25 million voting-age Americans without a photo ID, which includes one in four Black Americans.

Originally published by The Guardian

By Spenser Mestel

“But the final workaround for these laws is the simplest and potentially the most effective: put an ID in everyone’s pocket.

That’s the full-time mission of VoteRiders, a non-partisan nonprofit that s helps voters IDs by requesting (and paying for) any underlying documents, like birth certificates, and arranging (and paying for) transportation to the right agency.

To help voters comply with ID requirements for absentee ballots, VoteRiders has even partnered with a law firm that accepts photos of their documents through an encrypted website, prints a photocopy and mails it to their home.”