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Voter ID Education

  • Digital Resources
  • Voter ID Information Cards
  • Trainings & Capacity Building
  • Co-branded Voter Education Materials
  • Joint ID Education and Outreach Initiatives
  • Virtual Volunteer Events

Voter ID Assistance

  • Helpline and Chatbot
  • Lead Referrals
  • Voter ID Clinics

How to Partner with VoteRiders for…

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  • Direct Service Providers
  • Companies and Brands

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Digital Assets and Social Media Toolkit

Email and Newsletter Templates

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1. Welcome Letter

April 2023

Dear Partners:

In 2022, our impact was historic. We reached over 7,000,000 voters with the voter ID information and assistance they needed to make their voices heard.

And we couldn’t have done it without our ever-growing partner community.

Democracy doesn’t take days off, and 2023 will not be an ordinary “off year.” The 2024 presidential election is looming, while this year we’ll see consequential municipal and statewide elections.

Our partner organizations are essential at every step of the way in pursuit of our mission.

We work hand in hand with nonpartisan voter engagement groups, digital platforms, direct service providers such as food banks and shelters, election officials, companies, high schools and colleges, and more to educate communities about voter ID requirements and offer assistance.

This toolkit is intended to give an overview of how VoteRiders can help communities be equipped with the ID information and assistance they need to vote. Our tools and services – all of which are free – help our partners address voter ID issues in whatever way makes most sense for them.

Voters across the country are facing a wave of restrictive and confusing voter ID laws. We know that together, we can meet the challenges of this moment. Let’s get to work.

Lauren Kunis
CEO and Executive Director, VoteRiders
[email protected]


2. About VoteRiders and Voter ID

About VoteRiders

VoteRiders is the country’s leading organization focused on voter ID education and assistance

VoteRiders is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization. We were founded in 2012 as a direct response to the increasing number of voter ID laws across the country.

Since then, our work has quickly grown into a national in-person and virtual effort that involves thousands of partner organizations and volunteers.

We are proud to be a trailblazer in this field, addressing voter ID laws in the states and communities need our assistance the most.

We know millions of Americans need help with voter ID – but most organizations don’t have the resources to provide personal and fully-paid ID help.

VoteRiders wants to be your partner in filling that gap.

This toolkit highlights our free tools and services. Everything VoteRiders offers will support you in addressing voter ID issues through your organization’s existing work – without adding anything to your plate!

2023 Focus States

VoteRiders’ tools and services are available to – and relevant for – the entire voting public.

In 2023, we are strategically focusing our efforts on ten states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin.

About Voter ID

Voter ID laws are on the rise nationwide. These complicated laws disenfranchise millions of voters who lack ID, and deter even more from participating in elections due to confusion. In 2023, 36 states and counting will have voter ID laws in place. Already this year, six states (Arizona, Idaho, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wyoming) have passed and are poised to enact new voter ID measures. That is in addition to several states which put stricter laws in place ahead of the 2022 midterms. More voter ID measures like these are foreshadowed as state legislatures convene this year.

Voter ID Laws as of April 2023

Strict Voter ID Law

The following states have strict voter ID laws: Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Non-Strict Voter ID Law

The following states have non-strict voter ID laws: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (when voting for first time in precinct), Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia

No Voter ID Law

The following states have no voter ID laws: California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska (law likely going into effect this year), Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont

Over 25 million voting-age Americans do not have a current government-issued photo ID, which can also exclude them from eligibility for a job, housing, and healthcare. Many millions more are so confused and intimidated by these complicated and ever-changing laws that they are deterred from voting even though they have a valid ID, whether their state requires one or not.

Voter ID laws disproportionately impact communities that are already underrepresented in our electorate: people of color, students and young adults, voters with disabilities, elderly voters who are no longer driving, unhoused individuals, returning citizens, low-income Americans, and voters such as married women or transgender individuals who change their names.


3. VoteRiders Partner Tools and Services

VoteRiders offers a wide range of options for our diverse partner organizations that can help you meet your goals while letting us do the voter ID work for you!

Our goal is to provide off-the-shelf, low-lift tools and services to our partners, and to create best-in-class voter ID resources that are customizable, user-friendly, and accessible for the communities we serve.

Voter ID Education

VoteRiders is fully focused on voter ID laws day in and day out. We have developed a comprehensive suite of voter ID education materials that our partners can use to ensure that their communities are prepared with the ID information and documents they need for voting.

Digital Resources

Our website ( is a one-stop shop for basic voter ID information, including on the difference between voter ID and voter registration, REAL ID, and ID rules for first-time voters. We also have a growing collection of resources addressing community-specific voter ID barriers and solutions, such as our #TransPeopleVote resource hub for trans and nonbinary voters, and our landing page with specific information for student voters.

We also have an interactive map with comprehensive, specific and user-friendly information on every state’s ID requirements for voting in person and by mail. VoteRiders’ team of pro bono attorneys monitors legislative developments and updates our state information pages on an ongoing basis, distilling it all down to what voters need to know to cast a ballot that counts.

Many VoteRiders partners share a link to our state map on their websites, in email blasts, in text message reminders, and via other means as a trusted resource of up-to-date voter ID information.

All of VoteRiders’ digital resources are available in English and Spanish.

Partner Highlight: Voter ID Digital Resources

In 2022, partners such as Activote, Vot-ER, and TurboVote included links to VoteRiders’ Voter ID Information Cards and state pages in their text message reminders – sending state-specific card links to millions of voters so that they had crucial ID information at the ready when they went to the polls.

Voter ID Information Cards

Our state-specific Voter ID Information Cards are wallet-sized cards, available in English and Spanish for all 50 states and the District of Columbia and select additional languages for certain states.

One side lists acceptable IDs for voting in person and any alternative options. The other side lists our Helpline number, our website and a QR code for additional information, including ID for voting by mail.

Voters can reference these cards ahead of time and even bring them to the polls for an extra layer of confidence.

VoteRiders prints and ships Voter ID Information Cards to nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations for FREE in unlimited quantities.

All we ask is that you put these cards to good use and have a plan for distributing them to the communities you serve!

Voter ID Information Cards are a simple and effective addition to any issue-based voter registration, get-out-the-vote or other campaign. They’re also available for digital use in text banks, on social media, and as part of email outreach.

How to Order Voter ID Information Cards

Nonprofit and Nonpartisan Organizations

Organizations can order cards on our website or through a VoteRiders staff member.

Voter ID Information Card Order Form

For-Profit Organizations

For-profit organizations can partner with a local nonprofit to receive cards for free. You can also access and download our cards in English and Spanish (and select other languages for certain states) from our website to print locally.

Access and Download Voter ID Information Card PDFs

Over the years, we’ve seen Voter ID Information Cards:

  • distributed in door-to-door canvassing drives
  • placed at local businesses • stapled to delivery boxes
  • inserted into food assistance packages
  • shared at barber shops and beauty salons
  • provided to voters at the city clerk’s office
  • offered to voters at local ID-issuing offices
  • …… and SO much more!

Partner Highlight: Voter ID Information Cards

The Arizona Students Association and Next Gen Arizona distributed thousands of Voter ID Information Cards to ensure that the young and first-time voters they met on campus and through community events knew what they needed to bring to the polls for the midterm elections. The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC) has used our cards throughout their programs since 2018. In 2022, FRRC distributed thousands of cards to returning citizens to inform voters of ID requirements and offer VoteRiders’ free assistance if needed. Voter ID Information Cards have been integrated into tabling events, chapter meetings, and one-on-one assistance with access to resources. Voter ID Trainings

VoteRiders staff are happy to lead in-person or virtual trainings on voter ID, or participate in conferences or panels organized by partner organizations.
We cater to your program needs and develop materials that will provide your staff, volunteers, canvassers, phone or text bankers, or field teams with the specific voter ID information they need to know to meet your organization’s goals.

We can provide state-specific training with in-depth information on a particular state’s voter ID laws or give a national-level overview of voter ID laws, VoteRiders’ tools and services, and how they can be incorporated into your programming. This training provides an extra layer of voter education to your programming.

Voter ID Trainings

VoteRiders staff are happy to lead in-person or virtual trainings on voter ID, or participate in conferences, webinars, or panels organized by partner organizations. We cater to your program needs and develop materials that will provide your staff, volunteers, canvassers, phone or text bankers, field teams, members or the general public (or voters) with the specific voter ID information they need to know to meet your organization’s goals.

We can provide state-specific training with in-depth information on a particular state’s voter ID laws or give a national-level overview of voter ID laws, VoteRiders’ tools and services, and how they can be incorporated into your programming. This training provides an extra layer of voter education to your programming.

Partner Highlight: Voter ID Trainings

Ahead of the midterm elections, our staff led trainings for Common Cause poll watchers in Georgia and Florida on voter ID laws. As a result, our partner organizations’ staff and volunteers were fully up-to-speed on state-specific voter ID requirements and equipped with everything they needed to know to help their communities cast a ballot that counts.

Voter ID Capacity Building

VoteRiders staff often perform custom reviews of partner organizations’ voter contact scripts (including canvassing, phone bank and text bank scripts) and pledge cards to assist with inserting simple and effective voter ID language into voter outreach materials.

We make suggestions for the easiest way to integrate the right voter ID questions and prompts into your materials to flag voters with ID uncertainties or potential assistance needs.

We can also help you figure out how to integrate our free voter ID assistance services, such as our Helpline or Chatbot, into voter contact programs.

What’s our top recommendation for basic voter ID needs? Glad you asked! We suggest:

  1. Adding something along the lines of “Do you have a current driver’s license or state ID?” to your scripts.
  2. Individuals who answer “No” or “Unsure” will reveal a targeted list of potential voters who could benefit from further ID information and support.
  3. Share that information with us, and our trained volunteers will reach out to each person to help them get what – and feel confident they have what – they need.

For more on this – and how VoteRiders’ trained staff and volunteers can follow up directly with these voters – see the “Voter ID Lead Referrals” and “Direct Voter Contact Organizations” sections.

Voter Story: Doris in Florida

Doris was surprised to learn about Florida’s voter ID law from a canvasser with our partner organization the Hispanic Federation.

It surprised Doris even further when she learned that her New Jersey drivers license would not be enough. She was referred to VoteRiders and received help obtaining a Florida ID.

Partner Highlight: Voter ID Capacity Building

VoteRiders has worked with several partner organizations in Texas to develop and roll out a voter ID question in their outreach campaign scripts.

In 2018, 2020, and 2022 the Texas Organizing Project (TOP) incorporated an ID question into its GOTV campaign that reached 1.4 million voters.

Black Voters Matter worked with our staff to develop and roll out a voter ID question in their scripts in 11 states during the 2022 midterm election cycle, ensuring that voter ID was mainstreamed into conversations with voters and part of their plans to vote.

Co-branded Voter Education Materials

Voter ID is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to voter education. VoteRiders collaborates with partners year-round and as part of joint voter education initiatives.

We develop custom co-branded materials with partners such as door hangers, yard signs, posters, pamphlets, flyers and more.

Partner Highlight: Co-branded Voter Education Materials

In 2022, VoteRiders developed a co-branded “All About Voter ID” one-pager with the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) to share information about voter ID and VoteRiders’ tools and services. NCJW shared the one-pager by email, as part of an online voter resource hub, at in-person events, and with organizational leadership for local distribution.

Joint ID Education and Outreach Initiatives

Our partnerships are as creative and diverse as our partners themselves! We are always looking for partners who want to join forces for unique voter education and outreach initiatives to support the communities they serve, particularly when they serve communities that we know are most impacted by voter ID laws.

To support students in navigating the oftentimes-complicated rules around acceptability of student IDs for voting, VoteRiders developed co-branded social media graphics and a dedicated landing page on this issue in partnership with the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition.

Given the unique voter ID-related challenges that the transgender community and non-binary voters face in casting a ballot, we partnered with HeadCount to develop a comprehensive resource for trans and non-binary voters to learn about voter ID laws in their state as part of HeadCount’s Vote With Pride #TransPeopleVote campaign.

Virtual Volunteer Events

VoteRiders has a team of more than 5,800 volunteers across the country who participate in our virtual events to contact voters with ID information and assistance offers.
These events are often co-hosted and even more productive (and fun!) when we team up with our partner organizations to do targeted voter outreach.

In 2022, our volunteer programs will include letter-writing, textbanking and phone calls to voters in the states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin.

We develop custom content on each state’s ID laws that volunteers share with voters to ensure that they’re ready to cast a ballot in the midterm elections and beyond.

For more information on partnering on virtual volunteer events, including one-off events or larger campaigns, contact our Volunteer Team at [email protected].

Voter ID Assistance

Beyond voter ID education, VoteRiders also provides individualized and in-the-moment support to voters to answer their ID questions, and offers fully-paid assistance to help voters who lack ID to obtain one. Our one-on-one ID assistance, either in-person, over the phone, or via Zoom, provides in-depth and customized support to voters in need, and covers all expenses associated with obtaining ID, including the cost of underlying documents such as birth certificates, ID costs and transportation to and from ID-issuing offices.

VoteRiders Helpline

VoteRiders operates a year-round national Helpline that voters can call or text with questions related to voter ID, and also reach out for help to get an ID. The Helpline is supported by VoteRiders staff and trained volunteers, including pro bono attorneys from our law firm partners.

We respond as soon as possible to all Helpline requests, and guarantee an individual response to voters ASAP within 24 hours or less during election periods.

Partner organizations can list this number and email address in their resource materials, voter guides, flyers, online, promote on social media, and more.

How to Reach the Helpline

Call or Text: 866-ID-2-VOTE
Email: [email protected]

Assistance is available in English and Spanish!

Partner Highlight: Helpline

The League of Women Voters shares the VoteRiders Helpline number in all of its state voting information pages on its Vote411 website.

Voter ID Chatbot

Our bilingual Voter ID Chatbot – run through Facebook Messenger and via SMS – connects voters with automatic information to address their voter ID needs and easily transitions to personalized assistance when needed.

Partner organizations can use the Chatbot in a number of ways as a resource to their communities, such as: including a link to the Chatbot in text banks, sharing the Chatbot, on their website and promoting it via social media.Partners are also able to embed the Chatbot directly on their website. Contact us for more details on this option!

How to Reach the Chatbot

SMS Text: 844-338-8743
Messenger: Chatbot on Messenger
Website Chat on

Partner Highlight: Chatbot

Disability Rights Florida shared the VoteRiders Chatbot in Facebook posts and with its online community in order to help voters with disabilities access resources to understand how voter ID laws apply to them individually.

HeadCount directs voters on its website to the VoteRiders Chatbot for in-the-moment voter ID help.

Voter Leads Referrals

Partner organizations that do canvassing and other forms of direct voter contact, including both in-person and digital work, often send us lists of voters that their programs have identified as being in need of voter ID assistance.

VoteRiders receives these lists, and our trained volunteers or staff members contact the individual voters directly to follow up with them.

We address any ID questions or assistance needs voters may have, including guiding them through (and paying for) the process of applying for and obtaining a state-issued ID or underlying documents like a birth certificate and Social Security card.

We work with partners to develop and customize an outreach script for contacting these voters, and provide partners with status updates and the results of our outreach efforts to voter leads referred to us while ensuring utmost data privacy and security.

Partner Highlight: Voter Lead Referrals

Via its online voter registration tool, Rock the Vote identified more than 55,000 young voters who had ID questions or needed ID assistance in 2020. VoteRiders volunteers made phone calls and sent text messages to the entire list of these voters to ensure they had proper identification to vote in their respective states.

Roof Above, a multi-faceted shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina, works with VoteRiders year-round to help its unhoused residents obtain state-issued IDs and other essential documents. VoteRiders staff and volunteers receive voter leads from Roof Above on an ongoing basis, working to help voters obtain the ID they need to access housing, employment, and the ballot box.

A coalition of organizations in Arizona, led by One Arizona, have incorporated a voter ID question into their canvassing scripts and created an online referral form that voters can fill out on the spot to receive a follow-up call from VoteRiders.

Voter ID Clinics

Voter ID Clinics allow VoteRiders to meet voters where they already are and leverage ongoing partner programs, trusted community relationships, and network outreach.
Partner organizations such as shelters, re-entry programs, food banks, beauty shops and barber salons, and many more have worked with us to organize Voter ID Clinics and help the communities they serve access our free ID help.

VoteRiders staff and trained volunteers work in person at Voter ID Clinics – hosted on-site at a partner organization – OR handle referrals virtually to identify a voter’s ID needs, obtain the required information, and get an ID.  VoteRiders covers all costs associated with this process, including document processing fees and transportation costs to/from ID-issuing offices.

Voter ID Clinics make it easy and convenient for voters to access one-on-one assistance from VoteRiders staff and trained volunteers. Clinics can be scheduled on a recurring basis or as one-off events.

For more information on our Voter ID Clinics program, please contact Pam Pearson, VoteRiders’ National Voter ID Assistance Director, at [email protected].

Partner Highlight: Voter ID Clinics

VoteRiders holds regular, in-person Voter ID Clinics in partnership with a number of direct service providers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, including shelters, soup kitchens, and the Department of Public Safety.

These Voter ID Clinics help the state’s unhoused, at-risk, and returning citizens obtain the vital documents and  state-issued ID that they need to vote, as well as to access housing, employment, and more.

When the COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person work, VoteRiders’ North Carolina staff and volunteers pivoted to providing virtual ID assistance to individuals, assisting them to navigate governmental backlogs, including making appointments at agencies like the OMV to obtain new or replacement IDs.

Our Columbus, Georgia team regularly holds “pop-up Voter ID Clinics” at community events such as football games, job fairs, vaccine clinics, church services, and more.

VoteRiders also holds regular in-person Voter ID Clinics in conjunction with some of our Columbus-area partners.

How to Partner with VoteRiders: Direct Voter Contact Organizations

Direct voter contact organizations are partners that focus a significant amount of their work on outreach to voters – through, for example, voter registration, issue-based mob ii ization, get-out-the-vote campaigns, and more. These partners employ a variety of voter contact methods, including in-person field programs such as canvassing and tabling, digital outreach campaigns, and text and phone banks.

Most direct voter contact groups talking to voters are not structured to provide in-depth assistance to voters with voter ID issues, and may not adequately account for these at-risk voters. Canvassers and volunteers are often unfamiliar with the nuances of their state’s voter ID law, and helping voters through the process of obtaining an ID takes time and money that most programs cannot spare.

VoteRiders works closely with direct voter contact partner organizations, adding value to their programs by assisting them to incorporate the issue of voter ID and following up with voters who may be in need of assistance.

Here’s how:

  1. We help organizations running direct voter contact programs of any type to add a voter ID question to their scripts. The most effective question is simply
    “Do you have a current <state> driver’s license?” Those who answer “no” or “/ don’t know” are tracked in whatever data format the organization uses.
  2. The list of individual voters answering “no” or “/ don’t know” is shared with VoteRiders. We can handle almost any data format. VoteRiders’ trained volunteers and staff follow up with these voters to answer questions and assist them through the process of obtaining a voter ID as needed.
  3. VoteRiders’ trained volunteers and staff follow up with these voters to answer questions and assist them through the process of obtaining a voter ID as needed.
  4. VoteRiders provides partner organizations with a status update and final report-out on our outreach efforts.

For an ideal integration of our suite of voter ID tools and services, we also recommend that partner organization staff and/or volunteers (canvassers, phone- and text-bankers, etc.) participate in a brief in-person or on line voter ID training led by VoteRiders staff.

Many of our direct voter contact partner organizations also incorporate our Voter ID Information Cards into their efforts, physically distributing the cards as part of canvassing programs or lit drops and/or digitally distributing them via text messages and other online methods.

For more information on how to partner with VoteRiders as a direct voter contact organization, please contact VoteRiders’ National Outreach Director, Selene Gomez, at [email protected].

How to Partner with VoteRiders: Direct Service Providers

Many VoteRiders partner organizations are not set up specifically to promote voting, but interface regularly with voters and communities that we know are disproportionately
impacted by voter ID laws and more likely to need our voter ID education and assistance services.

While your organization may not have the bandwidth or resources to devote to voter ID issues, our free ID information and assistance may be of interest and use to the communities you serve.

Direct service providers and community-based organizations such as churches, libraries, beauty salons and barber shops, community centers, food banks, health clinics, and more can play a powerful role in disseminating voter ID information and assistance to the community. At the same time, VoteRiders’ free services can be an impactful and effective complement to the services you’re already providing.

VoteRiders can work with direct service providers in the following ways:

Shipping our free state-specific wallet-sized Voter ID Information Cards to your organization for distribution at your program sites or consumer outlets and outreach events.
Assisting your organization to add ID-related questions to your intake process to help identify people who need ID that you can refer to VoteRiders for follow-up.

Training your staff and/or volunteers on how to provide ID assistance to your community.

Hosting on-site Voter ID Clinics in partnership with your organization, in which VoteRiders will set up shop at your organization or elsewhere to offer its free ID assistance services to your community.

For more information on how to partner with VoteRiders as a direct service provider, please contact VoteRiders’ Voter ID Assistance Director, Pam Pearson, at [email protected]

How to Partner with VoteRiders: Companies and Brands

We all have a role to play in building an informed, confident and engaged electorate, and VoteRiders is here to support your company in navigating a path towards that goal with respect to voter ID.

VoteRiders works with a growing number of companies and brands of all stripes and sizes to get the word out about voter ID laws. Our nonpartisan volunteer opportunities, comprehensive digital resources, and community-based programs can help companies have a powerful social impact and promote civic engagement in the places where their employees, consumers and broader communities work and live.

VoteRiders partners with companies and brands, digital platforms, media companies, small businesses, and more to:

Organize nonpartisan volunteer opportunities, including both in-person and virtual events, for employees and Employee Resource Groups. these letter-writing parties, phone-banking and text-banking events share ID information and assistance with voters in key states, with VoteRiders providing all content and volunteer training.

Integrate VoteRiders’ voter ID resources into employee-facing and public-facing civic engagement efforts, such as sharing links to our digital resources or Voter ID
Helpline and Chatbot, distributing Voter ID Information Cards at brick-and-mortar locations or online, and organizing educational info sessions for employees on voter ID.

Organize a Voter ID Clinic or support an ongoing Voter ID Clinics program in the communities where their headquarters or other large employee bases are located, including training employees to assist voters with ID needs at these highly visible community-facing events.

We also partner with leading corporate civic engagement networks such as the Civic Alliance and the Time to Vote Coalition to share our resources with their membership and advise on their civic engagement efforts related to voter ID.

For more information about how VoteRiders can partner with your company or brand, please contact VoteRiders’ Executive Director, Lauren Kunis, at [email protected].



4. Communications and Digital Resources

Cutting through the confusion and getting the word out far and wide about voter ID laws is half the battle!

VoteRiders partner organizations are indispensable allies in this effort, and we’ve created a suite of off-the-shelf communications and digital resources to help you inform your communities on voter ID through communications and digital channels.

Digital Assets and Social Media Toolkit

Partner organizations can access a comprehensive online library of voter ID and state-specific graphics and copy in our social media toolkit (VoteRiders Social Media Toolkit). Graphics are available for download and use across all social platforms, as are VoteRiders logos.

We’re also happy to work with partner organizations to design co-branded materials and social graphics, build out digital partnerships and collaborations, and other ways to inspire creativity and amplify the impact of our partnership.

Email and Newsletter Templates

Email Template: #IDCheck

This email template can be cut and pasted or customized as you see fit to share information on VoteRiders’ accessible and constantly-updated voter ID resources with the voters you are seeking to inform and empower.

We recommend sending this email at least six weeks before an election in order to give most voters who lack ID enough lead time to obtain one.
We then recommend sending a version of this email again in the more immediate leadup to elections to encourage your constituents to verify they have the voter ID they need to vote in their state so they are prepared to cast a ballot with confidence, knowing they cannot be turned away.

Sender: Name, Organizational Title

Subject: #IDCheck – Make Sure You’ve Got the Voter ID to Cast a Ballot that Count

Elections are Coming! Do Your Voter #IDCheck Today.

Dear ___ ,

Did you know that 36 states currently have voter ID laws in place? And that some states have additional or different requirements for IDs when it comes to voting by mail?

Don’t be confused! Do an #IDCheck today by visiting VoteRiders’ website for a state-by-state rundown of voter ID laws.

Better yet, download and print out a Voter ID Information Card for your state to bring with you to the polls and provide an easy reference guide.

VoteRiders is a nonpartisan national organization that focuses on educating and assisting voters to get their voter ID. For any questions on your state’s voter ID laws, or for free help in obtaining an ID to vote, call or text the VoteRiders Helpline at 844-338-8743, email [email protected], or visit the VoteRiders website for live, interactive ID support via the Voter ID Chatbot in the bottom right corner of the page.

Your vote matters, and your voice matters. Don’t let voter ID laws silence you –  do your #IDCheck Today!


Newsletter Blurb: #IDCheck

Insert this quick and easy language into your physical or digital newsletters in the leadup to elections to make your community aware of VoteRiders’ ID resources and assistance offers. turned away.

Digital Newsletter

#IDCheck! Know What You Need to Take to the Polls! Is your state one of the 36 that requires or requests voter ID to cast a ballot in person or by mail? Find out what ID you need to take to the polls (or don’t!) in your state at the VoteRiders website, a nonpartisan resource and one-stop-shop for all things voter ID. If you have questions or need FREE help obtaining an ID to vote, call or text VoteRiders at 844-338-8743, contact them via Chatbot, or email [email protected]. Don’t let ID laws keep you from casting a ballot that counts this year!

Print Newsletter

#IDCheck! Know What You Need to Take to the Polls! Is your state one of the 36 that requires or requests voter ID to cast a ballot in person or by mail? Visit to
find out what ID you need to take to the polls (or don’t!) in your state. VoteRiders is a nonpartisan resource and one-stop-shop for all things voter ID. If you have questions or
need FREE help obtaining an ID to vote, call or text VoteRiders at 844-338-8743 or email [email protected]. Don’t let ID laws keep you from casting a ballot that counts this year!

Email Template: VoteRiders Tools and Services

This email template is intended for national or regional partner organizations to send to their networks. The email seeks to raise awareness among partner organizations’ state- and locally-based chapters and affiliates about VoteRiders’ tools and services and encourage them to integrate these tools and services into their work.

We recommend sending this email as early as possible before an election in order to allow for enough planning time, and sending a follow-up email in the several weeks before an election.

Sender:  Name, Organizational Title

Subject:  Partnering with VoteRiders: Free Voter ID Tools & Services Available!

(Organization Name) & VoteRiders: Let’s Work Together

Dear ________ ,

(Organization Name) is excited to partner with VoteRiders, a nonpartisan national organization that focuses on educating and assisting voters to obtain an acceptable form of ID for those who live in a state with a voter ID law.

We encourage all (Organization Name) (chapters/affiliates/etc.) to use VoteRiders’ free tools and services. VoteRiders can support voters with comprehensive and accessible ID information AND fully-paid ID assistance ahead of this year’s midterm elections and beyond.

Some of their offerings include:

State-specific, wallet-sized Voter ID Information Cards that are available in English and Spanish for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These cards print and ship for free in unlimited quantities to nonprofit and nonpartisan organizations with a plan to distribute them. Cards can be ordered directly or downloaded and printed locally. We encourage you to distribute these cards as part of in-person work or to distribute them digitally.

A bilingual Voter ID Helpline and Chatbot: You can refer voters to the VoteRiders Voter ID Helpline (844-338-8743), which they can call or text to get their ID questions answered in English or Spanish or to request help in obtaining a state-issued ID. The VoteRiders website also features a Voter ID Chatbot, or you can refer voters to [email protected] for the same type of support.

And more! For a full rundown of VoteRiders’ tools and services, all of which help voters access everything they need to vote ID-wise, visit the VoteRiders Flowpage or email [email protected] for more information.

Thanks for working with us, and with VoteRiders, to get our community ready to vote – with confidence!



Newsletter Blurb: VoteRiders Tools & Services

Insert this quick and easy language into your physical or digital newsletters in the leadup to elections to make your organization’s state and local chapters and affiliates aware of VoteRiders’ ID tools and services.

Partner with VoteRiders for ID Help: (Organization name) is proud to partner with VoteRiders, a nonpartisan national organization focused on voter ID education and assistance. VoteRiders’ tools and services can be made available to your communities ahead of elections this year to ensure that they have the ID information and documents they need to vote. Learn more about VoteRiders’ offerings, including a bilingual Helpline (844-338-8743) and Chatbot, fully-paid individual ID help, state-specific Voter ID Information Cards, and a digital resource library on state voter ID laws that can be shared widely. All resources are FREE to partner organizations like ours!

Partner Flowpage

VoteRiders’ Flowpage is a quick and easy reference guide that includes links to our most-used tools and services. The Partner Flowpage ( is an easy and convenient way to share our information with members, partners, affiliates, or voters.

Guest Blogs

We are always seeking to uplift and amplify the work of our partners, particularly on how voter ID ties into their work and how they address voter ID issues throughout their programming. The VoteRiders Blog often features guest postings from partner organizations. If you’d like to write a posting (suggested length of about 1,500 words), please contact VoteRiders Communications Director Reid Magney at [email protected].

Partner Highlight: Guest Blog Posts

Students and young people, and particularly college and university students, are disproportionately impacted by voter ID laws. VoteRiders partner organization Civic Influencers (formerly the Campus Election Engagement Program, or CEEP) wrote a guest blog entitled “Engaging Campus Communities” that detailed its work with campus ID-issuing offices to modify IDs to match the ID requirements to vote in a given state. The blog also featured examples of CEEP’s use of VoteRiders resources throughout its campus voter engagement work.

Voters with disabilities likewise face unique and significant challenges as a result of voter ID laws. The National Disability Rights Network, a VoteRiders partner organization, authored a guest blog on “The Impact of Voter ID Laws on People With Disabilities” featuring the voter ID-related portions of expert testimony by its Voting Rights Specialist, Michelle Bishop, to the Congressional Committee on House Administration.

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